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Jan. 16th, 2010

Miscellaneous - cat and fish


Unfilled prompts

I am posting a big list of all the prompts that haven't got a fic yet. Hopefully this will help remind/inspire some people. If you write something, post it as a response to this post or, if you don't mind giving your identity away, post it as a new post on this community. :) Again, cross-posting to indeedsir  is strongly encouraged!

The prompts:

1. Bertie has a nice surprise ready for Jeeves when he gets back from holiday (cooks him dinner, gives him a massage, whatever)

2. Jeeves saves Bertie from a Spode or Cheesewright jelly-beating.

3. Bertie gets a cooking lesson from Jeeves.

4. Jeeves or Bertie is a great artist and draws the other one's portrait.

5. Jeeves discovers Bertie keeps a photo of him in his pocket.

Prompts 6-40 behind the cut!Collapse )
Miscellaneous - cat and fish


Filled Prompts

To make it easier to read the lovely fic written so far, I am posting links to all the filled prompts. This should be followed up by a post of unfilled prompts soon.


Jeeves/Bertie, pre-slash

Jeeves starts reading Bertie's stories, starts to love him for his mind.

Filled by erynn999: Revelation

Bertie's little ducky Benjamin goes missing, and Jeeves hunts for it high and low while Bertie watches unconsolable and sopping wet in a towel until Jeeves finds it. Pre slash, Jeeves melting at Bertie's thank you. :3

Filled by random_nexus: MIA Ducky

Bertie writes Jeeves a song for his birthday/Christmas and sings it to him.

Filled by reginaldrobot: Untitled

Jeeves writes Bertie a letter to tell him "I love you" because he knows he'll have trouble saying it out loud.

Filled by reginaldrobot: Untitled

Bertie indulges Jeeves' love of toffees.

Filled by violetjimjams: Overindulgence

Jeeves and Bertie + mistletoe!

Filled by Anonymous: Untitled and continued by random_nexus: here.

Gussie reads his newts a bedtime story.

Filled by Anonymous: Untitled

Dec. 20th, 2009

JW - Slash? Indeed! - me


Prompt: Jeeves and Bertie = mistletoe!

The First Response Here.
And a hint for me to continue from there was lobbed freely at my head.
So... I think I got a little carried away... erm... oops?
Continuing from previous prompt response...Collapse )
(Anyone want to take this up and go forward with what happens next? If not here at Brinkley Court, then when they get home?)

Note to Mod: If this needs to be posted somewhere/somehow else or otherwise, just let me know! I don't want to step on any tootsies!

Miscellaneous - cat and fish


Prompt post 2

Since the first prompt post is now at 100 comments and on the second page, I'm going to start a new prompt post so we can attempt to keep things neat.

All new fluffy bunnies you think of starting now should go here! Responses to prompts already in the first prompt post, of course, can continue to go in there.

And just a reminder, if you don't mind being revealed as the author, don't forget to post your fic at indeedsir as well. :D

Dec. 16th, 2009

J&W - Jeeves Bertie kitchen


Prompt post!

Welcome to the Wodehouse fluff challenge/meme. Like a kink meme, but with fluffy bunnies. Post your fluffy prompts as a comment here. Include the pairing you want to see (any Wodehouse characters). In the spirit of the kink meme, your prompt can be posted anonymously, but it doesn't have to be!

Please don't post your drabble or fic as a reply to the prompt. To avoid making the comments too busy, post your response as a new post, and link the original prompter to your fic post.
OK, I don't know if there is a way to post anonymously. We'll try responses as comments because people are already doing that, but if it gets too busy I'll just start a new prompt post!

If you see a prompt you'd like to respond to but someone has already written for it, don't worry! More than one person can answer a prompt.

If you write something, PLEASE consider posting it at indeedsir as well. This comm is just to inspire you, and I think we always want new fic at indeedsir . :D

EDIT: I have started a new prompt post in order to keep things tidier. So if you've got a prompt, head over here and post it!